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Essential Oils (a) 10ml Aloe Vera Gel Candle Fragrance (c) 50ML Candle Fragrance (d) 100ML Candle Fragrance (e) 250ML Candle Fragrance (f) 500ml Candle Glitter 100g Bottle Candle Making Course Online Candle making kits Carrier oils Cellophane & Ribbon Clam Box for melts Dye for Candles Essential oils (b) 50ml Gift Voucher Glue Dots Labels massage Oils Pouring Pots & Thermometers Shea Butter, Vitamin E Stearin (Palm Stearin) Sustainers for Wick (Tabs) Vybar wax Additive Wax - Paraffin Wax - Soya Wax : Bees wax Wax : Cut & Carve Wick - Cotton Wick For Moulds Wick - For Bees Wax Wick - For Soy Wax Wick - Pre Waxed for Containers Wick - Pre Waxed wick kits Wick - Wooden Wick : Oil Burner




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Waxbrothers Candles

Monday 09th, December


Waxbrothers Candles
and Candle making supplies. 
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Free Help and support making Candle and starting your Business.

Soy Wax for Containers.   WB Soy Wax if you are new to candle making. It's perfect for tea cups, tins, containers. They are nearly all the same and have a creamy finish. When you progress a bit try the different blends like  the Ultimate soy for containers. Everyone has there favourite wax. Try Adding palm Stearin to aid in scent throw. 5 to 10%.

Top Tip during Winter Months. Pour Paraffin Hotter and Soy Colder.

Paraffin Wax : Ideal for making candles in Moulds. This is not the best wax for making candles in cups or Jars. They make strong melts. Try adding 1 to 3% Vybar for rubber moulds. The candles will require a top up. Use our dye for Vibrant colours  candle dye


Cut & Carve Wax: This is for making cut & carve candles. Plenty of practice required for this. Now Available in 20kg bags.

beeswax_block_waxbrothers_candles_and_supplies.jpg100% Natural wax in pellets

 Bees Wax: .  Melt and pour or try making your own Bees/paraffin blend. 70% Paraffin /30% Bees wax. This is also perfect for making Balms, lotions & Potions. We have balm tins in our tin section or just click this link Balm Tins 

Soy Wax comes in Beads, Flake, Powder or Slabs.


New Wax from NGI America

Q210, Q220 & Q230 in stock in bead and flake. Also available in 5kg slabs.

Click the Link below for Soy wax for Containers

Waxbrothers Soy Wax for ContainersRecommended and great value.


Wholesale Candles

Soy Wax for Pillars. Try this Pillar wax for making candles in Moulds. This is a nice wax to use. You will have to experiment with the dye blocks and maybe use more than with Paraffin wax. Pastel colours.
High melt point  Paraffin wax for making Hurricane wax Candles. Melt the wax and pour into your mould. leave to set until the sides are setting. Pour out the melted wax from the middle of the Mould. Its really that simple. Ideal wax for making inserts.


Over Dip Wax. Dip your candles in this wax to get a nice finish. Carve a design in your candle and dip in this overdip wax. Try dipping in Wax then in Cold water.

Palm Stearin or Steric acid is a plant extract that will improve the appearance of your candles and aid in mould release. Add between 5 to 10% to your wax. Take notes. Great in soy especially in the colder weather.      
Vybar is an additive to add to Paraffin wax to improve the structure of the wax. It is great for doing solid colour moulds. Ideal for strongly scented candles also. Use in rubber moulds instead of Stearin.


Shea Butter. Try adding this butter to soy wax to make massage candles. Make your own blend or try this one. 200g Shea to 800g Soy. Makes a lovely moisturiser

 Soap Making Supplies added every week

Essential Oils. Try the different size bottles. 10ml or 50ml. You can add carrier oil to essestial oil and make your own candle or soap fragrance.


Candle Making Fragrance.

We have a wide range of candle making fragrance in different size bottles. 10ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 250ml and 500ml bottles. They are made from carrier oils and essential oils. Check out our festive range of fragrance


Candle Making Dye.

Each dye block will colour 10kg wax. They do go along way. Scrape a little into your pot of melted wax and stir well.

Pre Waxed wick with tab              

pre_waxed_wick_black_background_by_waxbrothers_candles_and_supplies.jpgAvailable in different sizes. Cotton wicks, untreated. Its coated in a hard veg wax. This wick is ideal for your container candles with a metal tab at the end.
Sizes in Diameter.
wblx08 Small up to 1 inch  
wblx10 Sml up to 1 inch    
wblx12 1 inch diameter      
wblx14 1 to 1.5 inch          
wblx16 1.5 to 2 inch          
wblx18 2 to 2.75               
wblx20 2.75 to 3.25          
wblx22 3 inch to 3.5 dia    
Wblx24 3.25 to 3.75. Consider using several smaller wicks for wider candles. Take notes. 

Cotton Wick 

This is untreated cotton wick for making candles in moulds. Cut to Size and dip in the melted wax before use.

Try Square braid wick for Bees wax 

Candle Making Moulds.

You have plenty of moulds around the house or buy our moulds to make candles to re sell.

Melts: Try our Branded or unbranded Clam mets box. They are a great seller with a very strong fragrance.  


Make your own melts with our clam shell boxes. Great for hampers.


Pouring Pots

This is handy for making small batches. Place the pouring pot in a pot of water and melt the wax. Holds 2kg melted wax.

candle_thermometer_by_waxbrothers.jpgCandle Thermometers. At this time of the year, its colder and you will need to keep an eye on the temp. Pour Soy wax colder and Paraffin Wax Hotter during the winter.

 Sustainers or tabs.

Check out the different sizes.

Use the 15mm tab for wick size wblx08 to wblx20.

Use the 20mm tab for bigger wick sizes.




Pick the items that you want. View the shopping cart and place your order. It's that simple. Ring us if you are not near a computer to place an order and we will take your order over the phone. Allow 1 to 3 days during the festive season. Delivery all over Ireland or you can collect from Dublin.

Tins. Melt the soy wax. Pour into the Tin and insert the pre waxed wicks. Its that simple. Check out the different size tins.Tin_gold_by_waxbrothers_candles_and_supplies_ireland.jpg  

 Wooden Wicks are easy to use. Melt the wax and pour into your container. A few mins later. Insert the wooden wick.

To burn a wood wick candle. Light the wick part close to the wax. Not the top of the wick.

Hampers: There are a few great hamper times.

1. Mothers Day.
2. Valentines day
3. Christmas
4. Birthdays.
5. Easter.

Always have a few hampers made up to show your customers what you can do. Have a look at our Hamper baskets or hamper boxes.


We have a large selection of ribbon in stock at all times inc metallic ribbon. A must when making Hampers or presenting your finished product. Available in different sizes.

Cellophane Wrap

Wrap your candles and crafts in Cellophane.  Two different sizes. 

Glitter  Add a touch of candle glitter to your melts or tea cup candles. Sprinke a little as they set.

Downloads :
1. Work Sheet. Click here to download a work sheet for making candles.
2. No Pesticides in Soy Wax. View report
3. No GMO in soy Wax. View report
4. Sell your candles
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